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Victory park
In the Park at the Komsomolsk lake you can see the natural reserve Bird island, admire the fountains with lights, take a stroll along the promenade with picturesque nature. Active guests can explore by Bicycle, by boat or catamaran.
The distance from the hotel 1.2 km
Museum of the great Patriotic war and the stele "Minsk-hero city"
Belarus ' largest architectural-sculptural complex holds relics of the great Patriotic war. The Museum building together with a 46 –metre high obelisk "Minsk — hero city" is a single architectural ensemble.
The distance from the hotel: 0,8 km
Address of the complex: Pobediteley Avenue, 8 www.warmuseum.by
The complex is located next to Victory Park.
The Trinity Hill
This is the historical center of Minsk, the heart of the capital! Beautiful area of the city with well-preserved spirit of the 19th century Minsk. Here you will see small beautiful houses with wrought iron fences, painted facades, red-tiled roofs. The Western part of the suburb with residential buildings of the 19th century, restored and protected by the state. That place is the Museum of the poet Maxim Bogdanovich.
From the Trinity Hill You can get on the "Island of tears" - a memorial to soldiers who died in Afghanistan.
The distance from the hotel 2,2 km.
Address: Bogdanovicha street, Kupala street, Starovilenskaya street, Kommunalnaya Naberezhnaya.
Directions: from metro station "Molodezhnaya" - metro station "Nemiga".
The island of courage and sorrow
The monument to soldiers-internationalists. Opened on an artificial island near the Trinity Hill on August 3, 1996.
The complex consists of mortgage boulder with an icon, a monument-chapel, the sculpture of a guardian angel, boulders with the names of Afghan provinces, where he died Belarusian soldiers. In the base of the monument is based on the original appearance of the Church of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk, such as it was in the XII century.
The distance from the hotel 2,3 km.
The address of the island of courage and sorrow: Starovilenskaya street.
Directions:: from metro station "Molodezhnaya" - metro station "Nemiga".
The National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus
The theatre, built in the style of constructivism in the mid-20th century, a very interesting place, from the point of view of architecture. And this is a major musical and theatrical scene of the country.
The distance from the hotel 2,6 km.
Address: Parizhskoy Kommuny Square, 1 www.bolshoibelarus.by
Directions: from metro station "Molodezhnaya" - metro station "Nemiga".
Buses — № 24, 38, 57, 91 to stop "Opera theatre ".
Trolleybuses — № 12, 29, 37, 40, 46, 53 to stop "Opera theatre ".
The upper town of Minsk
The center of the Upper town — Liberty square. Area, has secured a right to be considered as the "heart" of the city. In the 16th century, the area attracted the local population markets and stores, and here was the seat of local government, and lived the most noble and wealthy families. Today, the area boasts a vivid historical monuments, one of which is considered to be the Minsk city Hall, built in the early 17th century.
The distance from the hotel 3 km.
The address of the Upper town: Freedom square
Directions: : from metro station " Molodezhnaya" — to the station "Oktyabrskaya" or "Nemiga".
Holy Spirit Cathedral
Main temple of the Belarusian exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. The most valuable relic of the cathedral — the wonder-working icon of the Mother of God found by Minsk citizens in 1500 and called as Minskaya.
The distance from the hotel 2 km.
Address: Kirill and Mefodiy St. 3 www.sabor.by
Directions: from metro station "Molodezhnaya" - metro station "Nemiga".
The Church of Saints Simon and Helena 1908-10.
Worship is perhaps the most famous landmark of Minsk. This monument is included in the State list of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus.
The distance from the hotel 4 km.
Address of Church: Sovetskaya St., 15
Directions: from metro station "Molodezhnaya" – station "Lenin Square".