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Evening Minsk
The tour will introduce you to the hero-city of Minsk, its past and present. The route passes through the main roads and squares of the city.
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Mir castle
Mir castle is a jewel of medieval architecture Belarus XVI century, the monument is a UNESCO world heritage site, one of the most famous and visited attractions in the country.
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Nesvizh - is the capital of the uncrowned kings
Gorgeous Nesvizh Palace and Park ensemble, built in the XVI-XVIII centuries. For visitors of the castle openly about 34 rooms, each of which has a unique artistic design.
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Dudutki is one of the most popular and visited museums in Belarus, where you can have fun and relax, taste the products of local production, including moonshine, ride horses, walk around the zoo.
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Belarusian Switzerland: Raubichi - Silichi – Logoisk
60 km north of Minsk, is an amazing and beautiful place. The terrain in the hills a good for a relaxing holiday, here compactly housed famous Belarusian ski complex "Raubichi", "Silichi" and "Logoisk".
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The Stalin line - Museum of WWII
Historical and cultural complex "Stalin Line" will be able to immerse You in the atmosphere of the fighting that occurred here in the early days of the war in the summer of 1941.
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Khatyn - Mound Of Glory
There are events whose significance transcends time. These include the Second world war, with fire and sword held in Belarus.
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Bialowieza forest
Belovezhskaya forest is a natural monument, a UNESCO world heritage site. This unique beauty of nature, the rich world of animals and birds.
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Zhirovichi monastery of the assumption
The largest in Belarus Orthodox Monastery in Zhirovichi. Working more than five hundred years, from the time when the city appeared marvelous light miraculous image of Our Lady.
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Berezinsky biosphere reserve
Berezinsky biosphere reserve, a natural heritage of Europe. It is nature that has been preserved in its original form.
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